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Garage Storage Solutions

The garage is often used for storing our cars and belongings. You can maximize the space in your garage with efficient storage systems. Here are a few garage storage solutions that will help you organize your stuff.

Overhead Storage Solutions for the Garage

One of the best storage solutions for garages is making use of overhead spaces. The area in the rafters is perfect for storing items you don’t use often. Buy plastic storage bins to hold holiday decorations, seasonal items, sporting equipment, and out-of-season clothing. These bins can be stored in a rack that is attached to the rafters or ceiling.

Bike Rack

A bike rack is an easy-to-install storage solution that is mounted to the ceiling. You can also use the rack to store an extension ladder or kayak. There are well-designed bike racks that operate via a pulley system to raise equipment off of the floor and out of the way.

Garage Storage Solutions for Tools

Many homeowners store garden tools and supplies in the garage. Purchase a garden tool rack that fits against the wall or in a corner. This is a sturdy caddy with slots to contain each tool.

Another option is to install clips or hooks on the wall that are designed for long-handled tools. After using a shovel or rake, press it into the clip where it will hang until the next time you need it.

Use Shelving

To better organize your belongings, use shelving to hold plastic bins. You can find strong, metal shelving at your local hardware store or purchase commercial shelving units.

Choose bins that fit neatly on the shelves. Organize your belongings by type and label the bins so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. It’s simple and convenient to keep your garage organized with shelving.

Athletic Equipment Organizers

If your family plays a lot of sports, choose a storage solution that works well for the type of equipment you have. There are ball organizers made of bungee cords and bins. Look for mesh tote bags to hold football or soccer pads and hang them on hooks installed along the wall. Choose a baseball bat rack or purchase a metal tennis racket holder that attaches to the wall so you can organize this equipment.

Multipurpose Pegboard

Pegboard is a simple modular system to store tools, craft supplies, and almost any other items. This garage storage solution is customizable with a combination of hooks, shelves, clips, baskets, and bins. Pegboard is easy to install and holds your items in view so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

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