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7 Ways to Promote Wellness at Home

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7 Ways to Promote Wellness at Home

Your home should be a safe and serene space for you and your family. Keeping a healthy household is essential to improving well-being and preventing illness. Here are seven things you can do to promote wellness at home.

Perform a Radon Test to Promote Wellness at Home

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas present in small quantities in the air. Outside it’s harmless, but it can be dangerous if it builds up to high levels indoors. According to the EPA, it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. To determine the radon levels in your home, schedule a professional test. If the test reveals high levels, take steps to reduce the amount of this gas to make your home safe.

Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

Air filters enhance the air quality in your home. However, they trap and accumulate pollutants like dust, dirt, and mold over time. Dirty filters can circulate contaminants through your home’s air, reducing indoor air quality. They also increase energy costs by forcing the HVAC system to work harder. Inspect your air filters and replace them at least once every three months to promote wellness at home and lower your utility bills.

Inspect for Mold to Promote Wellness at Home

Mold can cause various health problems ranging from allergies and headaches to more severe respiratory conditions like asthma. Often, it grows in humid spaces, such as basements and bathrooms, so pay close attention to these areas. If you come across mold, clean it immediately. To prevent its growth, keep your home clean and dry. For very humid areas, use a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in the air.

Filter Drinking Water

At first glance, your tap water might look clean, but it may contain lead, VOCs, chlorine, pesticides, etc. To rule out the presence of contaminants in your home’s water, have the water tested. Testing identifies the compounds present. With this information, you can choose an appropriate water filter to eliminate them.

Keep Your Home Clean

Pollutants like dust, dirt, and bacteria accumulate in your home over time. Regular house cleaning is important to eliminate them. Create a routine to stay on task. Prioritize cleaning high traffic areas such as the kitchen and living room because your family spends the most time in these spaces.

To Promote Wellness at Home, Allow Light In

Sunlight affects your mood and health. It can uplift your spirits and make you feel energized. Clean your windows and open the curtains and drapes to allow natural light to enter your home. In the winter, thick drapes add insulation, but it’s helpful to open them during the day. In the summer, replace heavy curtains with lighter window coverings to allow more light into your home.

Get House Plants

House plants promote wellness at home in several ways. They improve indoor air quality by eliminating toxins. Plants are also pleasant to look at and improve your home’s appearance. If you’re new to caring for houseplants, purchase low-maintenance varieties like the snake plant or aloe. They are relatively easy to maintain, making them perfect for homeowners with a busy lifestyle.

A safe and healthy household is important for your family’s well-being. Use these tips to create a safe living space and promote wellness at home.

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