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4 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

A messy and disorganized living space causes stress and frustration. It’s common for people to accumulate stuff in their homes that they don’t need. Unwanted things take up valuable storage space and it’s tough to find what you are looking for when things aren’t organized. Here are 4 steps to decluttering your home that will help simplify the process.

The Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering may seem like a daunting task but it is one of the most rewarding home improvement projects. By freeing up space in your home, you’ll enjoy better interior design and storage spaces that are easier to organize. Studies show that orderly and tidy homes promote relaxation. Use these decluttering tips to improve your quality of life.

Step One: Clear Out and Clean

Approach your decluttering project by focusing on one segment of your home at a time. These can be broken down into rooms or even sections of rooms. For instance, start with a bedroom closet, which is an area that tends to become cluttered easily. Remove all items from the closet. Once it’s completely empty, deep clean the space. Wipe down walls and shelves, remove cobwebs from corners, and clean the floors.

Step Two: Sort Through All Items

Once everything is out of the closet, spread out all the items and sort through them. Make piles for things you definitely are keeping and things that you no longer want. You can donate unwanted items to a thrift store unless they are in poor condition, in which case they should just be thrown away. Take your unwanted items to the donation center next time you are out running errands.

Step Three: Use Storage Solutions When Decluttering Your Home

With the space you are decluttering empty, you can better visualize how storage solutions can be used to organize your belongings. If a closet doesn’t have shelving, add some. Hooks are also an easy solution to hang up purses and belts. A hanging shoe rack works to keep shoes from cluttering the closet floor.

Step Four: Organize the Remaining Items

After adding storage solutions to the space, put everything you are keeping back. Organize like-items together. Out-of-season clothing shouldn’t be mixed in with items you are currently using. Fold these up and neatly store them in plastic bins in a storage area like an attic or basement.

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