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Radon Testing in Sparrows Point

Sparrows Point Radon Testing

What is Radon?

Radon gas is a naturally occurring carcinogen. It is scientifically proven to lead to lung cancer in humans.

38%+ of houses in the Sparrows Point area have a radon saturation above the actionable limit.

Radon naturally occurs in the silt, not the structure. No structure- new or old – is exempt from radon gas intrusion.

Each house meshes with the ground underneath it in a different manner. That is why properties next to others can have significantly different radon levels.

Radon concentration will fluctuate daily and with the seasons inside of an acceptable range. A one-time radon sample measures a single day or week and is a dependable metric of if the structure has a radon gas problem.

Radon gas has a lifespan of about half a week. That means that radon concentration will not be higher if the home is closed for years or months.

How Does Radon Gas Filter into your house?

No property is entirely draft-proof.

Radon may seep in through any grounded vent in the property such as drainage, plumbing pipes, and invisible cracks in the foundation’s concrete.

The technique to know with certainty the saturation of radon gas in the abode is to run a radon test.

Our Radon Gas Testing Method

Testing a dwelling for radon gas is a special service when done with a real estate transaction.

Your radon gas professional will position the radon probes in the property. Radon monitors will be placed in crawl spaces and on the first floor. Normally a few analyzers are located in the structure for the radon measurement.

Your radon gas technician will shut windows, shut the flue on the fireplace, and ensure the HVAC system is running in the prescribed manner. Your radon expert will also seal every required window with tamper indication tape to make sure that draft standards are met.

The radon gas apparatus is left in the property for several days to analyze the amount of radon gas in the structure. An expert will come back to the house once the radon testing is finished to return the probes and create a report.

Give us a call today for a zero-cost price estimate! Our radon testing consultants will meet with you to learn more about your property, take measurements, and get you going on making your Sparrows Point home one you can enjoy completely!

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