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Radon Testing, Rosedale

Rosedale Radon Testing

What’s Radon Gas?

Radon is a naturally occurring cause of cancer. It is known to cause lung cancer in children and adults.

Many properties in the Rosedale area have a radon level higher than the DNS action amount.

Radon gas filters out of the silt, not the home. No house, new or old, is immune to radon gas.

Each home meshes with the topsoil beneath it uniquely. This is why homes next to one another have radically different radon gas saturation.

Radon gas accumulation will change daily and with the seasons within a normal range. A short-term radon measurement measures a single day or week and is a dependable indicator of whether or not the house has a radon gas problem.

Radon gas has a dangerous duration of only a few days. Accordingly, radon accumulation will not be greater if the home is sealed for months or years.

How Does Radon Infiltrate a home?

It may surprise you to know that homes are not entirely draft-proof.

Radon gas will suffuse through each grounded vent in the structure such as drainage, pipes, and small cracks in the foundation.

Your method to know confidently the saturation of radon in the structure is to contract a radon test.

Our Radon Test Procedures

Probing a house for radon gas is a unique service when delivering a property transaction.

Your radon professional will situate the radon gas analyzers on the property. Radon gas probes are dropped off in crawl spaces and on the first floor. On average between 1 and 3 analyzers are left in the property for the radon test.

Our radon expert will close all windows, shut the flue on the fireplace, and confirm the heater or AC is running in the prescribed manner. Our radon gas specialist will additionally seal every required window with tamper indication tape to make sure that closed-house conditions are met.

The radon apparatus is left in the structure for a few days to record the amount of radon gas in the building. A professional will come back to the property after the radon measurement is done to remove the probes and create a report.

Call us today for a zero-cost consultation! Our radon testing experts will meet with you to ask about your property, take measurements, and get you started on making your Rosedale property one you can be proud of!

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Maryland Home Inspectors did an amazing job very professional, and informative.
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Maryland Home Inspectors was very professional took time to explain everything to me. Job well done!
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They were very helpful, professional & polite. We will always use them, & we appreciate there patience.

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