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Radon Testing in North Laurel

North Laurel Radon Testing

Why Care About Radon?

Radon gas is a common cancer-causing chemical. It is proven to instigate lung cancer in children and adults.

38%+ of properties in the North Laurel area have a radon concentration at or above the dangerous limit.

Radon gas comes from the dirt, not the home. No structure, newly built or longstanding, is fully shielded from radon gas.

Every home meshes with the dirt underneath it differently. This is why houses adjoining others have dramatically different radon concentrations.

Radon concentration will change daily and monthly inside a normal range. A one-time radon gas sample is a snapshot and a good indicator of if the house has a radon gas saturation.

Radon gas has a dangerous duration of only days. Accordingly, radon levels will not be worse if the home is closed for months or years.

How Does Radon Gas Seep into the Structure?

Houses are not supposed to be totally hermetically sealed.

Gas may enter through every grounded vent in the home such as sump pumps, pipeworks, and even minor flaws in the concrete work.

The technique to know with confidence the accumulation of radon gas in the dwelling is to have a radon test.

Your Radon Test Procedure

Probing a property for radon is a special process when offered concurrently with a real estate transaction.

A radon technician will place the radon gas probes in the home. Radon monitors will be placed in crawl spaces, the level above crawl spaces, and any room touching the earth. Typically between 1 and 3 monitors are placed on the property for the radon testing.

Your radon technician will close all windows, close the damper on the fireplace, and confirm the HVAC system is operating in the required manner. Your radon gas specialist will additionally treat every necessary window with tamper-proof tape to confirm that draft requirements are met.

The radon apparatus is left in the property for several days to record the amount of radon gas in the structure. A technician will come back to the home after the radon test is done to recover the analyzers and generate a report.

Contact us today for a zero-cost price estimate! Our radon testing staff will meet with you to hear about your property, measure your space, and get you going on making your North Laurel property one you can enjoy completely!

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