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Maryland Home Inspectors Awarded Best Home Inspectors in Baltimore 2020


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Home Inspection

Learning the ins and outs of a home’s condition before you put it up for sale can only benefit you in the short-term and in the long-term. With new knowledge of existing defects, you’ll be able to make repairs in order to maintain the value of the home before negotiations begin—which will also help to prevent underbids that could result in a transaction that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

MOLD Testing

Not only does mold look disturbing, but it can also cause severe damage to your home while causing irritating allergies and various other health issues. That’s why we offer Mold Testing, including two air samples as an affordable stand-alone and add-on to any inspection service. Find out about any major mold problems before you buy a new home.


If there is radon present in your prospective home, you need to learn about it as soon as possible—and unfortunately, without specialized testing equipment, this odorless and invisible gas will continue to go undetected. We’re able to perform professional radon testing that will take accurate measurements of radon levels in a home so that you know whether or not radon mitigation will be necessary.


Termites are high on the list of a homeowner’s worst fears, easily causing thousands of dollars of damage to a home’s structure. For this inspection service, we’ll comprehensively inspect your prospective home for evidence of termite damage—giving you the information you need in order to obtain a repair quote before closing on the home.


A comprehensive inspection of a home’s septic system will reveal potential damage or blockage that will need to be fixed before the system can function properly. We’ll also check to see whether or not the septic tank will need to be pumped before you move into the home.

WELL Yield

For this inspection service, we’ll test a home’s well to ensure that it is capable of supplying a sufficient amount of water for the entire home. If the well flow is insufficient, it may prove quite costly to fix—so we highly recommend having the system checked before agreeing to terms on a home purchase.

New Construction

This inspection service will provide a comprehensive overview of existing defects in a newly constructed home. We’ll conduct the inspection prior to the builder’s’ final walkthrough, leaving you with an adequate amount of time to seek resolution for issues that you don’t want to be stuck paying for after final closing.


If the seller of your prospective home has agreed to have defective components repaired or replaced after our initial inspection, we’re happy to come back on-site to conduct a Re-inspection. We’ll carefully look over the state of repairs, ensuring that they’ve been done correctly so that you can close on the home with confidence.

Serving Baltimore & Washington DC metro, Frederick County, York and Adams County PA

Buyer Protection

If you are not happy with our service at the end of the inspection, just let us know and we will not charge you, and we will pay an inspector of your choice to re-inspect the home for you!


110% Best Price Guarantee

If you decide against the home that we inspect, we will inspect another home free of charge for up to 30 days. If a competitor offers a lower price than our quote, we will not only match that price, but also beat it by another 10% ensuring that you’ll always get the best price!

200% Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your inspection, Maryland Property Inspectors will refund the home inspection fee and pay for another certified home inspector to inspect the same property.

Inspection Reports Prepared and Delivered Within 24 Hours

Before one full day has passed since a member of our team inspected the home, you can expect a detailed inspection report to be delivered directly to your email. The condition of each visible and readily accessible area of the home will thoroughly explained, with photographs and videos included as necessary to bring attention to specific areas needing attention. We’ll also help you and your agent create a repair request list, view a demo here Create Request List™ (CRL)™

Our Goal Is Simple

Our Inspectors are professors in home construction and mechanical operations. We will take our time and answer all your questions.

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a seasoned buyer, our home inspectors will make sure you understand the condition of the home. We will show you how to operate the components and recommend regular maintenance schedules. We can also get into lots of detail about the science of modern homes and their systems, so whatever your desired level of detail is we are here for you and happy to assist.

100 day warranty 

on all residential inspections

Discover confidence in your home investment with Maryland Home Inspectors. As Baltimore’s Best Home Inspectors of 2020, we offer a comprehensive 100-day warranty on all residential inspections. Backed by certified inspectors, we meticulously assess every aspect of your home, ensuring thoroughness and accuracy. From structural integrity to electrical systems, we leave no stone unturned, providing you with peace of mind as you make important decisions. Experience unparalleled service and reliability with Maryland Home Inspectors. Visit HomeGauge Protect to learn more about our commitment to excellence.

Maryland Home Inspectors Awarded Best Home Inspectors in Baltimore 2020

Congrats Maryland Home Inspectors!
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They were very helpful, professional & polite. We will always use them, & we appreciate there patience.

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